random: fun stuff

The home of quirky, interesting, amusing and possibly inspirational content. I should note here that opinions expressed in external content are not necessarily my own and definitely not those of the institution that employs me.  I include them because I am of the opinion that they may have some intellectual or entertaining merit to someone, somewhere, at some time. And it’s nice to have a little fun sometimes.

Do you know the difference between the UK and the British Isles? CGP Gray’s explanation may amuse or enlighten you or perhaps even annoy you (as you can see on the original Youtube page,  it certainly generated some discussion).

One for the Maths teachers out there.  Or, for those who are numerically bewildered, it might make you feel a bit better. Tom Lehrer was a mathematician at Harvard and taught maths at the University of California for many years. He also wrote an ‘biographical’ (ahem) song about Russian mathematician, Nikolai Lobachevsky


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