“Lectures are a waste of time…”

Or so says Google’s autocomplete.  Using Learnist, a web curation platform for education, I’ve constructed a board which asks whether the lecture is dead or if there’s life in it yet as a method of teaching – along with a few suggestions for techniques and approaches which could (could, maybe – happy for people to argue or suggest others) improve the ‘experience’ of lecturing for those giving them and those listening to them: The Lecture is Dead – or Long Live the Lecture?

Topics include: observing and analysing lectures, rhetoric, interactive techniques, storytelling in lectures – for those in arts, humanities and engineering, editorials on the pros and cons of lecturing and more. There are 23 slides so feel free to enjoy the whole board, dip in and out or focus on topics of individual interest: you can choose from the scrolling list down the right-hand side.

What are your thoughts on the future of lecturing? Please comment below.

lecture image

You might also like to read martingillie‘s* post on the Future of Engineering Lectures.

*Yes, we are related.


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