Thinking outside…the blog for Moray House students… is changing

winter sun setting behind a tree

The sun’s going down on Thinking outside…the blog for Moray House students. But don’t worry – it will come up tomorrow as something else (the blog that is, not the sun). Photo: D Gillie, Skye sunset

After five years as the Careers Adviser for Moray House students, I’m moving on to take up a new post at the University of Sheffield as Professional Development Manager. My job will entail delivering the University’s Certificate in Learning and Teaching, the Sheffield Teaching Award and many other exciting and interesting activities. I would like to thank all of my followers and visitors who have made the current incarnation of Thinking outside… a success!

What will be different?

1. The blog will now just be called Thinking outside…;
2. I will keep the most popular posts on the blog (Five ways not to succeed at interview; Practical tips for international students (parts 1,2 and 3); Alternatives to classroom teaching; Read this if you don’t know what to do after graduation and How to ask for references
3. Careers Service: useful stuff will disappear
4. New content – I’ll mainly be writing about teaching and learning in HE


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