I’m looking for a volunteer to help me with my CPD

For those of us in the education and helping professions, CPD is an important part of our working life. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of participating in a joint course Advanced Guidance Skills run by the University of Warwick and the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services.

For the assessment, I need to record and analyse my performance in a guidance interview.  Obviously, I am here for guidance appointments with Moray House students all year long  but if any of you are interested in having an interview in the next couple of weeks and wouldn’t mind being recorded (anonymously , of course), please do send me an email to discuss. I’d be grateful for your participation.

As I know this blog gets a fairly wide readership, I’m sorry to say this offer is only open to current students or recent graduates (past 2 years) of the University of Edinburgh.

You can find out more about guidance interviews here:

In general, from the National Guidance Research Forum

And at the Careers Service

Thank you very much!

Best wishes, Darcey Gillie


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