Moray House student opinions under-represented…

…in our survey.

The Careers Service is asking students for their thoughts about what impact using our services has meant for their career development.  We are also seeking feedback from students who haven’t used the Service before in order to try to find out the reasons for this.

You invest in the Careers Service through your tuition fees (whatever way those are paid) – this survey is a chance for you to have your say and play a part in shaping Careers Service provision.

Out of 671 respondents, only 8 (1.2%) are from Moray House School of Education.  So far, the College of Art; Engineering; History, Classics and Archaeology; and Literatures, Languages and Cultures are the best represented Schools  in the survey.  Not that I’m trying to introduce an element of competition…but, on reflection, Moray House is the largest School in the University…

Thanks for your thoughts and time in helping us to keep improving our support and our services for students and graduates.

(PS There’s also a chance to win Amazon vouchers)


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