Curious about Education Jobs in China? Come to this event!

China map

What jobs exist in the Education sector in China? Where are they? What sorts of organisations do educators work for? Where can I look for job opportunities? What will employers back in China think of my Edinburgh University qualification?  What have I gained from the time I’ve spent living and studying in Scotland?

If these are the sorts of questions that keep you awake at night then this is the information-packed-60-minute-event for you. Career planning takes a lot longer than 60 minutes but this session will cover the essentials of the sorts of things to be thinking about and planning for  if a career in the Education sector is what you want when you return home to China.

We’re pleased to welcome Sally Yue, National Teacher and Recruitment Manager for EF,  who has kindly agreed to give a general overview of the Chinese Education sector.  David Levinson, our International Careers Adviser, will be sharing some insight from his recent visit to China on employer perceptions of returning Chinese graduates.  And I will be offering advice for reflecting on what you’ve learned from your time in Scotland.

What: The Education Sector in China – an event for returning Chinese students

Day:  April 16th, 2013

Time: 16.00-17.00

Where: G21 Paterson’s Land (space limited to 60 attendees)


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