Follow-up to 4th Year Applied Sports Science Session

Thanks for coming along to the session earlier today – it was great to meet you all.

Career planning is all about knowing yourself, knowing what’s out there, making decisions and then implementing them. Sometimes the first steps can be the hardest: What do I value in work? What lifestyle do I imagine for myself? What’s out there? What do I have to offer?  Is further study a good option for me – now or maybe later on? Should I take some time out to travel or volunteer to gain some more skills and perspective?

Here are additional copies of the worksheets from today:

1. ‘Start your future here

2. What is a graduate job

And a PDF of the presentation: Options with BSc Applied Sports Science

Hopefully today’s session highlighted some of the things to think about in the planning and execution of your career after graduation. Career planning is not a one-off activity – at various stages in your life it will be useful to stop for a moment, review where you are, how you got there, where you’d like to go next and how to do that.

And don’t forget – you can use the Careers Service up to 2 years after graduation.

The Careers Service website is good way to get started in planning your future from the comfort of your own home. We also have a plethora of resources in our Information Centre on the third floor of the Main Library Building in George Square:

  • Explore your Broad Options after University: Work, Further Study, Volunteering, Self-Employment and Taking Time Out.

  • Options with your degree

The ‘Options series’ gives an overview of the typical areas of work graduates from specific courses might consider. These overviews are also useful for thinking about the generic skills you’ve gained from your degree – you just need to supply the specific evidence from your own experience:

Options with Sports Science

Employability Profile for Sport and related degrees – some additional support in thinking about what you’ve gained from your degree.

BASES Careers Guide – information, advice and case studies.  We also have hard copies in the Information Centre.

  • Networking Advice and Information

Informational interviewing – how to contact people for career advice and build relationships

Using social media in your job search and networking

General networking advice and finding unadvertised jobs

  • Occupational Information

The Information on these web pages can help you get started in your research.

All occupational families

Sport, Leisure and Tourism


Healthcare and psychology IMAG0146

In our ‘Green Folders’ you will find  detailed information about various career areas, including job profiles, information from professional bodies, case studies, journals and articles.


We also have a wide selection of reference books on further study, working abroad, specific occupation areas as well as the recruitment and selection process. You can browse our reference books on Library Thing.

  • Recruitment and Selection

Recently on this blog I have written about Five Ways to Not Succeed at Interview and steps you can take if you don’t know what to do after graduation.

On the Careers Service website you find information and advice on:

CVs and covering letters


Interviews – did you know we offer practice interviews?

Assessment Centres

…and more.  You can book a 20 minute appointment to get one-to-one feedback on CVs, covering letters, applications and personal statements.

Careers guidance is the support offered by qualified and experienced advisers to help you work through the process of career choice. A guidance appointment (or several) can give you the space and time to think about and talk over your plans (or lack of),  help you to clarify your thinking, and cope with the unexpected. We genuinely don’t mind what your career ideas are. My job is to provide  place for you to be honest with yourself, experiment and think without limits about what really matters to you.


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