Follow-up to Community Education Session


Summer – and all that entails – is just around the corner. Before you get into holiday mode, come into Careers Service and give your career planning a little attention. Photo: D.Gillie, A Holy Island beach in Summer

Hello, everyone.  It was lovely to meet you this morning and thank you for coming along to the session!  As promised, the slides are available now as a PDF and the rest of this blog post contains links to useful source of information, advice and guidance.

Comm Ed CV session 2013 DFG

As you can see from our discussion of Martin Brown’s CV – there is no single solution.  We all have our own ideas about what makes an effective CV. It is important that we feel free to choose content and a layout that we feel works best for us and links best to the job we are applying for. Using specific evidence from your own experience is a great way to help your application stand out.  Attractive presentation and relevant experience on the front page are also crucial to getting your CV noticed by employers. As you progress through your career, your ideas about what makes an effective CV will progress and change with you.

You can visit the Careers Service any time you like – you don’t even have to talk to anyone, if you don’t want to!  We have a comprehensive careers information library and online resources (some are only available on campus machines).

resources in use DCS image 5

1. CVs

Example CVs, including skills-based, and covering letters

You’ll also find on that page downloadable booklets on CV writing, covering letters and applications.

You can book a 20 minute appointment with a careers adviser for feedback on your CV, covering letter or application questions.  To ensure the feedback is as effective as possible, it’s best if you can focus on a CV or covering letter or application form during an appointment rather than trying to do too much.

2. Careers guidance

Not sure what you first move after graduation might be? An initial 20 minute appointment with a careers adviser could be the space you need to start thinking, exploring, experimenting and planning (with the possibility of being referred to a longer 45 minute one-to-one if you both feel that might be beneficial).  You can use us as often as you like and up to 2 years after graduation.  I and my colleagues are here to support you, whatever your career plans are after graduation.

If you feel you’ve not had much experience writing CVs, come in with a rough draft and discuss how to get started during a 20 minute appointment.

3. Careers Information

We have a dedicated team of specialists who manage our information resources.

These include our famous ‘green folders’, various books and publications, as well as our web-based information resources.  Staff are on-hand all day to answer queries.

Take a peek at our reference library.

Research background information, news and current events in your field and vacancy sources in our occupations pages on the website.

4. Looking for work

Job hunting is all about tactics and strategy.  If you feel these could use a boost, start with our online job hunting resources.

We have advice on using social media and how to conduct informational interviews for finding out more about work and jobs.

If you have any questions or want to otherwise follow up from this morning’s session, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.


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