Thinking about life after the BEd and PGDE…

Winter tree landscape Winter landscape on the Isle of Skye. Photo: D.Gillie

It may still feel like bleak mid-winter but there is light on the horizon.  The days are steadily getting longer and soon summer will be here.  I thought I’d let you know of some of the things the Careers Service can help with while you’re still on campus between placements:

  • Take advantage of a practice interview while you’re still on campus.  These are individually tailored to be as realistic as possible. (In a recent survey of graduate teachers undertaken by a colleague, most wished they’d had CV, application or interview support before graduating.)
  • Independent, impartial, feedback on application forms, covering letters and CVs.
  • Talk to a careers adviser about job hunting strategies-tactics and planning could  make things a little smoother in the long run.
  • Help with the unexpected.  Despite the best laid plans, our careers and studies can be affected by unforeseen events.  We offer independent, impartial guidance, advice and information. Talk to a careers adviser to see how the Careers Service can support you.
  • Alternatives to classroom teaching.  For whatever reason, you may at some point decide that a career in the classroom is not for you.  Your qualification prepares you for many alternative Education as well as other careers.  Careers Advisers and Careers Information specialists in the Service can help you access and make use of occupational information so that you.  The 2013 Education Alternatives booklet is now available on the Careers Service website.

Online occupational information for teachers

Independent or State? Specialist? Home or Abroad? Alternative Education careers? Where can you teach Classics? Chinese?

If questions like these are on your mind, the contents of our Green Folders might be a good place to start finding answers. We have directories for schools, news articles, handbooks for new teachers, resources for Canadian teachers, job hunting books specifically for teachers and much more.

You can also find  information on the Careers Service website:


Charity and Development Work

Social, guidance and community work

Many other occupations


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