Follow-up to Mgt of Training and Development session

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Hello, everyone,

It was a real pleasure to meet you and work with you this morning – thank you for all your insightful comments, suggestions and discussion!  A PDF of the presentation is available: MSc MT Career Planning DFG 2012.

This blog post is to follow-up from the post-it note exercise at the beginning of this morning’s session and your feedback.  I’ve divided your questions and comments into 5 broad areas with suggestions for further information, support, people and resources.  Is this everything the Careers Service or the University offers? No – as you will already realise, there is a lot going on at Edinburgh(!), but I hope these links will help you get started.

Stay in touch!

1. You wanted to explore career planning, career preparation, how to find out what you would like to do, developing your career path, better understand what you have to offer and what you are looking for in a job, how to ‘sell’ yourself and your Masters, navigating your career through a difficult economy:

  • Start with our pages for taught Masters students

  • Online career planning tools on the Careers Service website

  • These tools can be a useful starting point in preparing…

  • …for a one-to-one appointment with a careers adviser to discuss your ideas, options, explore uncertainties, develop your decision-making process, etc.

You can speak to an Information Officer about careers information topics, e.g., occupational, without an appointment

2. You wanted to know more about CVs, interviews, covering letters, assessment centres and other aspects of recruitment and selection:

  • Start with the Recruitment and selection information on our website – this includes background information, sample CV and covering letters, an application question simulator, online DVDs and much more

  • Attend one of our information sessions on CVs, covering letters, assessment centres and psychometric tests – and much more

  • Take advantage of opportunities to talk to employers at Employer Presentations and Careers Fair

  • Get feedback on your CV, covering letter or application form

  • See if a mock interview is a suitable way to enhance your interviewing skills

3. You were curious about careers information for international students

  • Get started by visiting the Discovering global opportunities area of our website, which includes information about working in the UK:

  • Come to one of our events especially aimed at international students-we also host presentations from a number of employers looking for international students, so remember to check our Employer Presentations pages throughout the semester.

4. You wanted to research and learn more different occupations and find out what employers are looking for:

  • Check out our talks and events pages for careers information sessions related to particular occupations and employers

  • Find out how to organise and conduct an informational interview with employers and other people who can give you occupation or industrial insight

5. You wanted to know more about jobs, internships and employers:

  • Watch these short videos about the students and graduate employment database (SAGE) to make sure you can get the most out of it for finding out about employers and to see vacancies that are being advertised

  • Visit the ‘Looking for work’ section of our website

  • Meet employers at various events throughout the year

Anything else?


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