Practical Tips for International Students: Part II

This is the second part of Little Me’s practical tips for international students. When I met LM, I was really impressed by her thoughtfulness and insight into the experience of being a student abroad. When she agreed to share her experiences, I was really pleased to be able to make available to current students the benefit of her experiences. I’m really looking forward to the final installation in LM’s series on culture shock! My experience as an international student was long ago and I wish I’d had access to advice like this.

Castle Neuschwanstein

Castle Neuschwanstein, south of Munich. Photo: Little Me

  • Travel in Europe. Studying in the UK is a really good opportunity to travel and experience different cultures in Europe. The earlier you make a plan, the more hassle and stress can be avoided. For people who need a Schengen visa, I would suggest you make an appointment with the consulate at least one month in advance and submit your documents three weeks before you leave for the Schengen country. Planning a trip can be overwhelming as every single detail should be considered. Anyway, a nice and comfortable trip deserves putting your heart into it. Here are the websites of consulate of Germany, Spain and France.
  • English level. Staying abroad doesn’t mean your English is improved automatically. But it does offer us more opportunities to practice. Inside of the University of Edinburgh, there are many student organizations that we could join, such as Tandem, International Student Centre and EUSA Global and on and on. Outside of the university, we could go for a movie in Cineworld or vue. We could also watch some TV shows on iplayer or some talks on Ted, for example. Language learning podcasts or websites are easy to find as well. To speak better English requires active learning indeed.

2 responses to “Practical Tips for International Students: Part II

  1. Good article. It’s good to see helpful advice for international students, which we’re quite familiar with working on helping other international students wanting to study in Australia. Great to see other sites providing help to others.

  2. Thanks for the positive comment – I will certainly pass it on to LM who will pleased. Insight and advice from people actually experiencing ‘being’ an international student is probably the most valuable of all! learned

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