Opportunities for thinking outside…

…in the Pentland Hills.

If the Pentland Hills were in the Lake District they would be jam-packed with thousands of eager tourists.  Even at the weekend, these gorgeous, rugged hills with their stunning views are often comparatively empty.

Are you looking for some exploring, learning or volunteering activities that get you out and about and thinking? I’ve just picked up a leaflet produced by Pentland Hills Regional Park highlighting opportunities doing all of these things:

You can find out more about becoming a voluntary ranger.

They run map and compass, biodiversity and many other courses throughout the year, so check out their ‘What’s on’ pages.

The Pentlands offer plenty of opportunities to run, walk, cycle, ride, fish…

Comment below to share your Pentland experiences and recommendations.

The Pentland Hills covered in snow in the winter

In addition to walking, running, fishing and cycling – every so often there’s great skiing to be had in the Pentlands. Photo: D.Gillie, The Pentlands in Winter 2010


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